Traveling, Experimenting, Celebrating, and Thanking!

Chapter VI

Muir Mice art by Jill Liflander

Muir Mice 5/2022

I traveled to California with my dear friend Bettina. We hiked every day on mountains that were enormous in scale, ...
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Summer Summer Summertime... art

Summer Summer Summertime… 8/2022

I wanted to try a diptych, which is two paintings next to each other that are connected, just like a ...
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Love and Happiness art

Love and Happiness 9/2022

My wonderful brother-in-law and sister- in-law took a trip to Puerto Rico and paddled in a bioluminescent bay. This drawing ...
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Tek - artwork

Tek 9/2022

How do I thank my right-hand wing-mouse for this whole exhibit? Stewart Lee devoted countless hours guiding me about putting together ...
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Warner Library Shelves

Warner Library 10/2022

The Warner Library is a home to me, and I'll bet it's one of your homes too! It's a place where I ...
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