Mice Against War

Chapter V

I love people and animals and plants so much and I can’t imagine why anyone would want to hurt anyone or anything. War is so senseless and cruel. One of the reasons I love drawing the mice is that they are ALWAYS kind to each other and their world is TOTALLY harmonious. They stand up for their beliefs, they are love warriors, and they respect the land!

Peace Lexicon - Peace in Many Languages (PDF)

Birdies Return to Sleepy Hollow - illustration by Jill Liflander

Birdies Return to Sleepy Hollow 2/2022

Across the globe, a war was about to start, while here in NY, the birds were returning from their winter ...
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Mouse Peace 3/2022

While drawing, I yearned and prayed for the world to be a peaceful place. There are 65 ways to say ...
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Peace Mouse and Jill Liflander

Peace Mouse 3/2022

We sometimes feel so small as individuals when we’re up against what feels like the immutable forces of the world ...
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Rally for Peace

N. Y. F. A. A. Rally for Peace 4/2022

Please do not tell the other paintings because I do love them all so much, but I think that this ...
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Tree Trunk Funk

Tree Trunk Funk 5/2022

I spend so much time walking the dogs in the Rockefeller Preserve looking at trees and tree bark and the ...
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