The Mouse in the Lotus

Chapter IV

I felt a lot like the lotus flower during the Fall of 2021. A lotus flower only grows in the mud and the rain and what are generally considered to be very hard and unfavorable conditions. I felt like that flower, trudging and wading through the muck, always reaching towards the sun. The image and symbolism of the lotus not only comforted me, but it helped me to understand how mysterious life can be.

Masha - art

Masha 11/2021

This is how I envisioned my Aunt Mindy, who died in early November. She was a bright and shining woman, ...
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Mice in the Lotus

The Mice in the Lotus 12/2021

I was walking around Swan Lake a lot with the dogs during this time period. This image (and the following ...
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Mouse in the Lotus artwork by Jill Liflander

The Mouse in the Lotus 12/2022

Mark, the girls, the dogs, and I traveled to Maine to go dog sledding, which was a life-long dream of ...
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Summertime in Wintertime

Summertime in Wintertime (in the lotus) 1/2022

Ok winter…I’m ready to wrap up this cold and rainy and grey season up! I used my imagination to picture ...
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Mice in the Snow Lotus art

Mice in the Snow Lotus 1/2022

I was still feeling like a lotus in January! I used the tiny scissors from a pocket knife to cut ...
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Forest Parade artwork

Forest Parade 2/2022

No offense to winter, but after a while, it’s a bit chilly for me and the dogs! A lot of ...
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