Coffee Mice

Chapter VII

When Lily was a baby, over 17 years ago, I used to tuck her in a sling and walk to Coffee Labs. I'd sit in a chair- she would stare up at the ceiling fan, and I would wish that I had friends. (I know! So sad!) The folks at Coffee Labs were so kind to me, and here we are, back in 2022, with art that I hope brings you as much joy as that whirring ceiling fan did for Lily! Guess what? I made some incredible friends in Sleepy Hollow/Tarrytown. And I look forward to meeting you too, friends that I have not met yet!

Coffee Labs - painting by Jill Liflander

Coffee Labs 12/2022

This eponymous print reflects my growing passion for glitter (I don't know that it was possible to become more enthusiastic!) ...
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Happiness is a warm cup of cheese

I have been keeping a list of "Happiness is...." on my easel so that whenever I notice something wonderful, like ...
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Love Muc - by Jill Liflander

Love Mug

I drew this in response to a hate crime against the LGBTQIA+ community. I will be making prints of this ...
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Mouse Cro-Baltic - artwork by by Jill Liflander


I swear, the background is my Bubbe and Zayde's den wallpaper pattern! Whee....The mice are drinking LOTS of coffee! Coffee Mice ...
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Nothing Smells as Good - artwork

Nothing Smells as Good….

I love the smell of the roasting beans at Coffee Labs and the visual of coffee beans swirling around in ...
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Shop Local - painting by J. Liflander

Shop Local

The personal is political, baby! Shopping local keeps our towns alive. Every time you purchase from a local shop, you ...
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