The Magnification Era: Dreaming of a Harmonious World

Chapter II

I was squinting and straining my eyeballs, barely able to see the little creatures on the paper as I drew them! A local artist, Mark Siegel, suggested that I purchase an art magnification lens and lamp and SHAZAM! A whole new world
opened up for me and the animals. The mice (and everything else too!) got smaller and smaller and smaller! You can use a magnifying glass to look at the paintings!

When I use the magnification lamp, I am able to focus intently on the miniature world that is being created. Everything else melts away while I am drawing, and I’m able to catch my breath to restore a sense of hopefulness and peace.

Spring Dreaming - artwork by J. Liflander

Spring Dreaming 5/2021

All of the mice in this drawing are playing outside and enjoying themselves in springtime. I had a lot of ...
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Lush summer artwork

Lush 6/2021

The Rockefeller Preserve is so lush and green during the summer. I found such solace vanishing into what felt like ...
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Lush Too 8/2021

Woo-eee, was I going bonkers with that magnifying glass! There are over 120 little creatures in this verdant (lush and ...
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Autumn in Sleepy Hollow 10/2021

Autumn in Sleepy Hollow is absolutely magnificent; I feel so lucky to live here! For this piece, I imagined the ...
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