Mouse Comfort Cards

Chapter III

Some really hard and sad stuff was happening in my life and in the world. I found myself being drawn to a smaller and smaller canvas. I felt like a mouse surgeon! I hoped that my drawings would comfort others who were struggling
as well.

Mouse Comfort Cards #3 by Jill Liflander

Mouse Comfort Card #3 – 9/2023

Every Fall it's Mouse Comfort Card time! I just like that super tiny format! Mouse Comfort Cards Mouse Comfort Cards ...
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Mouse comfort cards

Mouse Comfort Cards 9/2021

There are 26 Mouse Comfort Cards, all engaged in comforting activities. Do you like to do any of the same ...
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Mouse Greeting Cards 10/2021

These are a smidge larger than the Mouse Comfort Cards! I made copies of these cards and send them out ...
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A Healing Mouse Dance for You 10/2021

A sweet friend of mine was having a very hard time so I drew this mouse party for him. I ...
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Mouseingtines 2/2022

I drew these Mouse-y Valentine’s Day cards for folks to download and send to each other, and we raised money ...
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Zany card

Zany Mouse Cards 9/2022

There’s definitely something to be said for a drawing that will take me a few hours instead of a few ...
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Mouse Family Portraits

So many mice in the family! Maybe I’ll paint a mouse portrait of you someday! Mouse Comfort Cards Mouse Comfort ...
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Spring Dreaming art

Portrait of Aunt Mindy 5/2021

This is a portrait of my Aunt Mindy, and also me. Mouse Comfort Cards Mouse Comfort Card #3 – 9/2023 ...
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